Minus K Technology

Minus K Technology, Inc. Key Developments

Minus K Technology has just released its latest Negative-Stiffness vibration isolation platform - the ultra-thin, low-height model CT-1 passive isolator - designed for low-frequency vibration isolation in critical micro-and nano-microscopy applications where space constraints are critical. The completely passive tabletop unit is just 2-1/4 inches in height, yet delivers 1/2 Hz vertical natural frequency, and 2 to 2-1/4 Hz horizontal natural frequencies - considerably more low-hertz vibration isolation performance compared to air tables and active systems. Negative-Stiffness isolators employ a unique and completely mechanical concept in low-frequency vibration isolation. They do not require electricity or compressed air. There are no motors, pumps or chambers, and no maintenance because there is nothing to wear out. They operate purely in a passive mechanical mode. The Negative-Stiffness CT-1 isolator achieves a high level of isolation in multiple directions. It has the flexibility of custom tailoring resonant frequencies vertically. The transmissibility of the CT-1 is substantially improved over air and active isolation systems. When adjusted to 1/2 Hz vertical natural frequency, the CT-1 Negative-Stiffness isolator achieves approximately 93% isolation efficiency at 2 Hz; 99% at 5 Hz; and 99.7% at 10 Hz.