Minus K Technology

Phoenix, AZ - Nanoscience Instruments today announces the new BM-10 Nano-K isolator from Minus K Technology. This new, reduced size isolator offers 10 -100 times better performance than a full size air table. The package stands at only 4.7 in. (12 cm) tall and is only 12 in. (30 cm) wide and deep. Additionally, the weight has been reduced to a manageable 35 lbs.

The Nano-K BM-10 isolator is extremely easy to use, and offers a 1.5 Hz horizontal natural frequency, and Minus K's signature ½ Hz vertical natural frequency. This superior isolation performance is achieved through the use of innovative negative stiffness technology, which eliminates the need for air or electricity.

The new BM-10 isolator is an ideal match for the compact AFMs available from Nanoscience Instruments. The easyScan 2 and Mobile S system's small footprint and mobility, combined with the compact size of the BM-10, allow high resolution atomic force microscopy to be performed almost anywhere. The entire AFM package, including the scanner, controller, computer, and vibration isolator, is now completely mobile.

For more information about Nano-K vibration isolators, see our website at www.nanoscience.com or contact us directly.

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