Minus K Technology

Laser Interferometer Vibration Isolation The LC-4 isolator from Minus K is designed to support heavy payloads while reducing low-frequency vibrations. The compact, high-capacity, low-frequency negative-stiffness isolator comes in several capacity ranges to match vibration-sensitive instruments such as SPMs, AFMs, STMs, micro-hardness testers, profilers, interferometers, electron microscopes and other imaging systems for weight loads from 1 to 130 lb. This isolator comes in two versions—low frequency horizontal and ultra-low frequency horizontal. Both versions deliver a vertical natural frequency of 0.5 Hz or less, which can be achieved over the entire load range. Horizontal natural frequency is load-dependent. 

The low frequency version has a 1.5 Hz natural frequency, while the ultra-low frequency version can achieve 0.5 Hz or less near the nominal loads. The isolator is completely passive, using no air or electricity. It can be combined into multi-isolator systems to support heavier payloads, while taking up very little room. The isolator can also be placed inside OEM equipment as needed, enabling the systems to achieve much better isolation.

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