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Tips for Selecting the Most Cost-Effective Minus K Vibration Isolator

    1. Select a standard product, if possible.
    2. If the size and weight capacity are adequate, select the BM-6 if moderate performance is acceptable and the vibrations are not severe.  Its vertical performance is comparable to a full size air table and its horizontal performance is substantially better. However, the BM-6 does not offer the higher levels of isolation performance that our 0.5 Hz models do.  If you need, or want, the best isolation possible, or if you have low frequency problems, (footfall, slamming doors, you are on an upper floor of a tall building, etc.) you should look at our 0.5 Hz isolators.
    3. Select a bench top platform, if practical, instead of a workstation (The MK26 uses the BM-1 isolator so the performance is essentially the same).  The bench top platform can be supported on any reasonably sturdy table or bench, even one made of wood.
    4. Select a single platform, if possible, rather than multiple isolators or platforms.
    5. Select the smallest practical model (e.g., BM-10 vs. BM-8 or BM-4 vs. BM-1) 
    6. Select a unit with manual adjustment rather than automatic adjustment, if practical, e.g., BM-1 vs. BA-1.
    7. If the payload weight slightly exceeds the load capacity of a standard model and low horizontal natural frequency is required, contact Minus K Technology about a custom modification to increase the load range, rather than using the next highest capacity model and ballast weight. 
See the Vibration isolator comparison charts


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