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Tables, Platforms, Benchtops & Workstations for Distributed Acoustic Sensing, Distributed Strain Sensing, Distributed Temperature Sensing, Distributed Pressure Sensing, Distributed Vibration Sensing.

Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) is a technology that enables continuous, real-time measurements along the entire length of a fiber optic cable at very fine spatial intervals. Because a fiber optic cable can be installed in harsh environments for long periods of time, the technology holds promise for environmental monitoring of sensitive geologic operations. Many geofluid systems require dynamic acoustic, temperature, strain and pressure monitoring at great pressure, depth and temperature. Sensors that employ fiber optic cables serve well for such deployments because they can withstand adverse environments. Downhole application includes oil and gas wells (hydraulic fracture completion operations, flow back operations, long-term well monitoring, and well-integrity monitoring), geothermal wells, deep industrial waste disposal wells and many other harsh environmental condition applications.

Unlike conventional sensor systems that rely on discrete sensors measuring at pre-determined points, distributed sensing does not rely upon manufactured, discrete sensors, but in contrast utilizes the optical fiber itself as both the sensing device and as the two-way transmitter of the signal (light). The optical fiber is the sensing element without any additional transducers in the optical path. Surface instruments called interrogator units (IU) send a series of laser light pulses into the fiber and records the return of the naturally occurring back-scattered light signal as a function of time. In doing this, the distributed sensing system measures at all points along the fiber which are at a pre-determined clock-time interval over periods of well operational time.

A Minus K vibration isolator supporting a DAS systems reduces ambient surface vibration noise, enhancing measurement quality and accuracy by taking full advantage of the dynamic range of the system and improving the overall signal-to-noise ratio of the raw data.

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Nebrex Neubrescope - Distributed Acoustic Sensing Interrogator Unit system on a Minus K BM-8


From Minus K: Vibration isolation table, platform, work station and bench top products, plus custom systems for antivibration and vibration free distributed fiber optic sensing - distributed acoustic sensing.

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